AR-10 CalCatch Kit

$120.00 - $125.00
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Bolt Catch Required
Detent Required

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33.3 Tactical has created a complete BOLT ON CA Compliant device for any DPMS AR-10. The kit secures the magazine to the device ensuring it is compliant with CA law. 


There are two variants of the AR-10 Cal Catch Kit. About 50% or AR-10 receivers contain a rear detent where the detent is in the back of the rifle to the bottom right of the butt stock. The other 50% of AR-10 rifles have a bottom detent that comes up under the grip. 


The Rear Detent kit includes: 

  • rear detented cam pin
  • aluminum back plate with QD mount & set screw
  • modified bolt catch
  • clip
  • spring

The Bottom Detent kit includes:

  • bottom detented cam pin
  • modified bolt catch
  • clip
  • spring



WARNING: For safety reasons, never disassemble your firearm while loaded. Please make sure and check that all rounds are removed before disassembly of the action. With any CA Compliant disassembling device, it is even more imperative that you clear any rounds prior to disassembly.