Gen 3.3 CalCatch Kit

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Bolt Catch Required

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33.3 Tactical has created a complete BOLT ON CA Compliant device for any milspec AR-15. The kit secures the magazine to the device ensuring it is compliant with CA law. It features a modified bolt catch & mag clip (the CalCatch) and the back end kit which contains a GEN 3.3 cam pin & wavy spring.



The Gen3.3 cam pin now allows you to not only disassemble your action with minimal movement, but also a quicker full takedown of the rifle for cleaning. 


The CalCatch is the magazine fixing solution. We have two versions, MODIFIED & UNMODIFIED. 


MODIFIED: Included is the modified bolt catch & clip.

The modified version is for owners that want to be compliant for recreational shooting. On the final fire, you will get a dry fire, the bolt and the hammer will fly forward allowing the action to open.There are installation videos on our website as well as our YouTube page. Search 33.3 Tactical on YouTube to find our channel.



The CalCatch UnMod is the same as the CalCatch but still has the tang in place for use in competition, when using the MA Loader, and any other device that breaks the action. When using this version of the CalCatch ( Unmodified ) you will still need to use the bolt catch to send the bolt and the hammer forward prior to the disassembly of the action.



WARNING: For safety reasons, never disassemble your firearm while loaded. Please make sure and check that all rounds are removed before disassembly of the action. With any CA Compliant disassembling device, it is even more imperative that you clear any rounds prior to disassembly.