Will It Work With...

There are some lower receivers that our CalCatch will not work with, not because the kit is bad, but because the lowers aren't made to milspec. We have compiled a list of lowers that we are aware of that our kit will not work with as factory manufactured. With some of the lowers, the CalCatch kit just needs to be modified slightly to work. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

We have not tried the CalCatch on EVERY lower on the market, therefore, there are times when we may not know if the kit will work with your receiver or not. Our best advice would be to get the kit, test it out, and if it doesn't fit, we will work with you to either modify it or issue a return. 

The following list is the lower receivers that have fittment issues with the factory kit. 


 The CalCatch will not work with LWRCI lowers because of the ambidextrous bolt catch. The clip on the CalCatch will not fit with the ambi bolt catch and it cannot be machined to do so. 

 Palmetto State Armory

The magazine release bar on the PSA AR10 sits too deep within the lower receiver to come into contact with the clip. 





If you have a lower that needs to be added to this list, please submit it with the issue below: